What is Delicatessen Federer

It was five years ago that Sausages Federer opened its first DELICATESSEN one stop shopping, located in the corner of Eloy Alfaro and Belgica, near Alianza Francesa, having as its objective “to find a big variety of cold cuts and specialties with the brand Federer and Gut and at the same time several cuts of selected meats like beef, veal, or pork, all these under one roof to make your shopping more pleasant and time saving for your family consumption or any special social event, attended by trained personnel in a quiet and pleasing environment. We also offer a selected variety of vegetables and bio salads, bread, lactose products, Chilean, Argentinian, Italian, French, Spanish wines, local and imported beers, cheeses, imported deli products from selected suppliers, products that will surely awaken your appetite and fantasies for you to spread a tempting table for whatever social engagement you may have. Right now we offer breakfasts for car coding beginning early in the mornings and later lunches or diner. Our client can dish up his own menu in less than ten minutes. These dishes are accompanied by local small potatoes and salad.

And since July 2010 we proudly presented to the public our second deli shop, located in the central point of Coruña and San Ignacio with a wider ambiance to meet all your demands.

You can´t limit yourself to just whims. Come and give us a try. Visit us now!