Everything within reach

Any excuse is a good excuse to gather friends and family to nibble or for a grill party, to celebrate anything, try a new recipe etc. Where is the best place to go to where you can surely find quality products but in DELICATESSEN FEDERER? We have products imported from all over.. Switzerland, China, Germany, India, Holland, States some of which are couscous, filo dough, risotto, pickles, sauerkraut, fine herbs, various presentations of ginger, rice noodles, mature and semi mature cheeses, goat cheese, fresh farm eggs, soya milk, bionic natural yogurt, green bio vegetables, vanilla sticks, coffee beans and also ground coffee, sweet and semi- sweet jams, wines from renowned vineyards like Tarapaca, Astica 120,Santa Carolina and various others and several local nouvelle products.

Meat Cuts

Beef: tenderloin, entrecote, ground meat, sirloin, gulasch, diced meat, beef breast, t-bone, ribs, tongue, bone with marrow, meat for fondue bourginon and fondue chinois, beef sliced for beef rolls, flank steak, brisket, eye round roast, bottomround, tip roast.

Pork: tenderloin, entrecote, pork leg, pork ribs, fresh and smoked pork chops, bacon, eisbein, crown of pork and other cuts.

Veal: tenderloin, entrecote, ground veal ,vealcubes, breaded veal, diced veal, osobucco, veal tongue, liver and kidneys and other specialities.

Lamb and rabbit (according to season).

Chicken: legs, wings, breast marinated or with BBQ sauce.

Sheeshkebab ready to serve.

A plate of various cold cuts arranged with cheese and other trimmings ideal for business gatherings or social events.

Delicious sandwiches.

Cakes and Sweets

In this line of prdocuts our priority is to introduce our clients to special Swiss recipes where we offer an exclusive assortment of cookies, chocolate mousse, chocolate rosettes, Christmas cake, florentiners, coconut macaroons and several others.

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